The class is designed for players with some knowledge of basic tactical and strategic ideas.

Saikhanchimeg (Sana) Tsogtsaikhan


Co-Founder of ProQueensGambit Coach Sana is a National Chess Master and Fide National Chess Instructor. She is very Passionate about teaching and also Loves working with kids. Coach Sana tries to Motivate players with a passion, energy and excitement while teaching sportsmanship and integrity.

Knight program skills (Chess rating 250-399)

  • Check mate in one move
  • Check mate the King with Queen
  • Rolling Rooks
  • Opening strategy
  • Checkmate
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Sportsmanship and ability to accept losing

“This class is suitable for a student who knows the basic rules of the game and able to finish the game without assistance.”

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