Instruction to pay via ZELLE and VENMO

1. Recipient's email address is (Badamkhand Norovsambuu)

2. Please put the invoice number and student's name in the memo/message section.


 Online Programs Policies: 

  •  No refunds. 

  •  No prorate

  •  CANCELLATIONS: We do not provide any refunds if you want to cancel your enrollment. Credit will be applicable to the future Pro Queen's Gambit camps/programs of the current season if canceled at least 3 days prior to the program/course/camp/club/team start. No cancellations are considered if received 2 days or less prior to the start of any Pro Queen's Gambit Online program/course/camp/club/team. 

Missed Class and Makeup Policy

There are no credits or refunds for a missed school class. If you will miss a class and would like to do make-up, you need to contact us before the class that you’re going to miss and we will coordinate the date that you can do another program depending on availability. You are only allowed to do two make-up classes per semester.


Please note: You will receive a new Zoom ID every time you enroll


  • Do not abort games frequently

  • Do not make your opponents wait unnecessarily Do not harass or accuse your opponents